Hide-A-Hose is a space-saving retractable hose system that stores up to 50 feet of central vacuum hose in the tubing within your walls. No more carrying the hose up and down stairs or from room to room. All you need to carry is the lightweight hose handle, wand and cleaning tool!

With the Hide-A-Hose system, you simply pull out the length of hose needed, connect a powerhead or tool and start vacuuming. When finished, remove the powerhead or tool and the system will use the suction from your VACUFLO Central Vacuum power unit to retract the hose back into the PVC tubing within the walls.

Each valve has a hose stored within the tubing so longer hoses can be used in comparison to conventional systems with one hose covering up to 2,300 square feet-- reducing the number of inlet valves required for whole-house coverage!

Hide-A-Hose brings the ultimate cleaning convenience to your VACUFLO Central Vacuum system!